does running a troll blog ever get tiring? also, nice outdated memes

Not really. Also, sticks and stones may break my bones but sarcasm only makes me laugh


Should I message otherkin-isnt-a-thing and say something like “put up ur dukes its time to fight” or something like that cuz im sick of them lmao

Well it’s not very much of a surprise when you @ me, is it?



Putting ‘friendly reminder’ in front of a dumb text post doesn’t make it any less intolerable

shut up you piece of shit

You mad, bro?

Hi Im Silver and put up ur dukes It's time to fight

Meet me in the pit loser


If someone meets an otherkin, and then thinks less of them as a Human being… Is that technically not mean?

I believe that is in fact the proper response to meeting someone claiming to be otherkin

So you think anti-otherkin propaganda is funny, do you? You wouldn't be laughing if you were a mongoose stuck in a man's body.

— Anonymous


A mongoose stuck in a man’s body? Why would someone want to eat a mongoose? That doesn’t sound too appetizing.

Why would you waste the golden opportunity of calling them a mangoose


I am offensekin, and when you guys are offended, it’s terrible cultural appropriation

but what makes otherkin any more ridiculous than any other belief or religious system based on reincarnation or theism?

Personally I’d say nothing, really. But nobody has ever been killed for being otherkin, whereas people are killed and face bigotry for their religion all the time.

hi, i'm fuckkin and my pronouns are fuck/fucks/fuckself and i feel very oppressed because i overheard someone say the word 'stupid' which is a ableist slur

Please self off